7 augustus 2010

Don't believe your thoughts

In zijn lezingencyclus The End of Your World geeft de Amerikaanse satsangleraar Adyashanti (1962 - zie foto) het belang aan om je eigen gedachten niet te geloven. Natuurlijk, we hebben voortdurend allerlei gedachten en opinies, maar het komt erop aan ze niet langer te geloven.

“The evidence that thoughts use for their justification, is all in the mind. All the evidence of the mind is in the mind. It does not come from outside the mind. It is a close loop. The mind is thinking; it is believing what it thinks; and so it is finding a justification for its belief in more thinking.

Thought is in itself powerless. It is only powerful when we believe the thought. It is quite a mind scattering realization that our thoughts hold no reality. It is just not the thought we do not want to have, that holds no reality. It is not just the painful thought that holds no reality. It is also that all the thoughts we want to believe, hold no reality too.

Without believing in thoughts, without continually constructing the sense of a self center, we are actually in harmony with life as it is. Enlightenment is really nothing more than no longer believing your thinking. When you no longer believe the next thought you have, when your reality is not driven by a next thought, you are free. It is as easy as that. So in any instant when you are not believing any of your thinking, you are free, you are liberated. But in the next moment, you may or may not be liberated if you choose to believe the next judging thought, the next condemning thought, the next fearful thought. You won’t feel free any more.”

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