30 april 2009

Inner Stillness

“You may have already noticed how important stillness is: the external stillness which we could call silence and the inner stillness. What does it mean inner stillness? It means - and this is the secret -: counsciousness, conscious without thoughts. A state of great intelligence. Not that thoughts are not going to operate any more. But that becomes your home, your foundation, what you are rooted in: that dimension of inner silence. That is there in the background; it is the back-ground of everything that happens. And that dimension is already in you, of course.
But most humans are so identified with what happens in the foreground of their existence: sense perceptions, thoughts, experiences, emotions. When only the foreground absorbes your attention continuously, you are lost. Then there is only that dimension in your life. And yet, there is in you a dimension that frees you from total identification with the world, which includes the mind. When you become conscious of that dimension, that is presence. You become consciousness of that dimension as your Self, as the essence of who you are. And that begins simply by acknowledging the dimension of inner stillness.”

Eckhart Tolle
The Art of Presence (audio-cd)

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