19 april 2012

Sustaining your natural face

Een van de hedendaagse Dzogchen leraren, Lama Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, schreef een mooi boek: Present Fresh Awakefulness. A meditation manual of nonconceptual wisdom. Daarin staat deze passage:

Disturbing emotions come because of thinking.
Thoughts produce emotions,
thoughts create karma.
Therefore, don’t follow past thought,
don’t invite future thought.
In the present moment, do not correct,
do not modify,
do not accept or reject.
Don’t try to rearrange your present wakefullness.
Instead, leave it as it naturally is
without any attempt to alter it in any way.
That’s is called sustaining your natural face.
The moment you let be in uncontrived naturalness,
the essence of your mind is empty
and at the same time congizant.
Cognizing while being empty,
this is the natural state.

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