6 mei 2009

Rituals for the Soul (2): klankmeditatie

“I have often pointed out that the contemplation of nature can be extremely helpful in taking you beyond the confines of the thinking mind. Thus allowing you to gain access to the realm of inner stillness, from which arises all creativity and a sense of intensive aliveness that we may call joy. Giving your attention to certain types of music can fulfill a similar function. Music bypasses the conceptual mind. Every sound, whether produced by the human voice or an instrument, comes out of the silence and quickly disappears back into silence. All inspired music is created from a state of inner stillness. The manifested sounds derive their power from the unmanifested, the unconditioned consciousness out of which the sounds arose when they were first composed and out of which they arise again every time the music is performed. Inspired music brings you in touch with the formless essence of who you are”.

Tekst op de hoes van de cd Eckhart Tolle’s music to quiet the mind

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